For Sale Sheffield was launched early in 2017 to allow the people of Sheffield and South Yorkshire to have a platform to buy, sell goods locally and build a community. At the heart of our philosophy is the need to be able to allow the people of Sheffield and Yorkshire to be able to trade in a secure and safe environment. We pride ourselves in taking care of users through screening all content before it is published. This creates a small ads site that is family friendly and free from offensive and illegal content.

Our Aim

For Sale Sheffield has an aim to serve the local community, the classifieds section of the site features directories for businesses as well as individuals. If you are a retailer, tradesman or involved in the financial & legal sectors as well as food & drink you have the opportunity to advertise your business online. If on the other hand you are having a domestic sale you can post your items in one of our many categories. For example you can select from motors, home & garden, computers or TV and home entertainment. We believe the wide range of categories and separate listings for businesses gives both domestic and professional sellers their goods and services the best visibility possible.


For Sale Sheffield also features a forum. If you need help with anything that relates to the website or simply want to add to the sense of community For Sale Sheffield is aiming to create the forum is for you. All topics local to Sheffield and its surrounding area are open for discussion.